Anetta Gajdošová

Anetta Gajdošová

Anetta Gajdošová
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The Five Person Pedal Surrey (Hammacher Schlemmer). WAAAYYY cheaper than a car & more stylish.

With gas prices sky high, and the person who is currently in power, we ALL might need these! The Five Person Pedal Surrey - Hammacher Schlemmer

Corporate Retreat Theme Ideas

A corporate retreat fosters interaction among the staff in different departments. Your finance department may not have the occasion to meet the managers in the geographic sales offices. The retreat .

a play house under the stairs...whoever thought of this was genius!  All the clutter of kitchen and store toys for the playhouse can be put away when done, too!  I simply love this!!!!

PLAYROOM UNDER THE STAIRS. (especially since it has a proper window and door and it's not a "Harry Potter" room under -the-stairs cramped space. Don't have space for this though LOVE the idea.