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a decorative lamp with a buddha face on it's head and lights shining in the background
Gold Buddha Gourd Lamp
Su Kabağı Dekoratif Aydınlatma Gourd Lamp Shade Lighting Gift ideas Handmade Decor
#gourds #sukabağı #sukabağılamba #sukabağıavize#sukabağıabajur #sukabağıboyama #sukabağısüsleme
Kelebek tasarımlı sukabağı döner altlıklı abajur
Out Of Our Gourd Garden
First Gourd We Are Cutting Into Out Of Our 2020 Gourd Garden ! Lets See How They Turned Out
a pear shaped clock sitting on top of a tree stump
a wooden table lamp with a flowered design on the base and a cord attached to it
a wooden object that has been carved into the shape of a ball with circles on it
DIY - lampa z tykwy z koralikami
two pictures of a snail on a wooden surface and one has a light bulb in the middle
two decorative lamps sitting next to each other on a white wall with light coming from them
Бра. Лагенария. Резьба.
Высота бра 45 см