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Tips for Getting Students Started with Fall Writing by Using Sentence Frames: Free Activities Included
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DIGITAL Phonics Poems for Google Classroom™/Slides™
Our BEAUTIFUL Phonics Poems are now DIGITAL! 😍 Helps with building 📚 fluency, strengthening 🧠 comprehension skills, exposure to new 🖼 vocabulary, inspiration for ✏️ writing, and helping with 👂🏽🗣 listening/speaking skills. 200 Phonics-Based Fluency Poems:  Digraphs, Diphthongs, Double Consonants, L Blends, Long Vowels, R Blends, R-Controlled Vowels, S Blends, Short Vowels, Silent Letters, Soft/Hard C and G, Trigraphs, Vowel Teams, and Word Families!
Sight Word Readers IN-ACTION!