Anička Sedí V Kúte Sama

Anička Sedí V Kúte Sama

Anička Sedí V Kúte Sama
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Way too accurate

Imagine being a non whovian

Doctor Who. Because where else can you put Queen Nefertiti, a big game hunter from 1902 (played by Lestrade), and Mr. Weasley on a spaceship with dinosaurs on it, and then cry because a triceratops who played fetch with golf balls was killed by Filch?

School Reunion and Journey"s End Parellel

I'm Hannah, I'm an asexual feminist and the only things I care about are My Mad Fat Diary and Arctic Monkeys [ ]

Lol, this part of the series was just hilarious! I found it funny that he was so set on figuring out his new tastebuds and Ten was more concerned with figuring out what kind of person he was when he regenerated and had his new "fightin' hand!" Lol

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away." [proverb] "apples are rubbish. i hate apples." ~ the doctor [doctor who]

Must be a Dr. Who fan if:

Whovians will understand… "that's no ordinary crack, Amy. That's a crack in all of pan and cake. But if you knock the cake down, the crack will still remain. because the crack isn't in the cake, it's everywhere.