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a card with flowers and hearts on the front, sitting on top of a table
three blue and white flowers in a shadow box
a christmas card with poinsettis, holly leaves and a candle on it
Preparation for Christmas _ # 2
Neli Quilling Art: Preparation for Christmas _ # 2
four different views of the same person's hand with green fingernails and fingers on them
Handmade quilling cercei lemon -Tutorial - Cadouri Speciale
Handmade quilling cercei lemon -Tutorial
four pictures of ladybugs in different stages of making them look like they are made out of lace
A beautiful intricate quilling of a Ladybird, the perfect gift for a lover of these beautiful little bugs :)She has been created using 3mm wide strips of paper that have been hand cut and rolled into creating the beautiful design. The little 3d butterflies that join her are created using 1mm wide strips of paper.She is nicely placed on a beautiful background that compliments the intricate quilling.She comes framed into a 10/10 inches shadow box.All my quilling is created usi...
the instructions for how to make an origami christmas tree with green icing
stranamasterov.ru - Quilling tutorials 2 (Searched by Châu Khang)
a white candle sitting on top of a red and green wreath
To co robię i co lubię
three different images of red and green paper flowers in various stages of being cut out
DIY 3D Quilling Flower Candle Holder - DIY Tutorials
quilling flower candle base tutorial
three red and white flowers on top of each other next to a toothbrush holder
Christmas Tree Quilling Ornaments Set of 3 Quilled Candles
Quilled Poinsettia Candle Ornaments!
an intricately designed greeting card with daisies and swirls on the front, in yellow and white
Neli Quilling Art
Neli quilling
an ornament made out of paper with bells and pine cones on the side
Quilling cards - Christmas
neli: Quilling cards - Christmas
an image of a christmas card with scissors and decorations on the front, which is being viewed on instagram
Quilling cards - Christmas
neli: Quilling cards
a gold and white brooch with flowers on it
Best Wishes For Happy Holidays
neli: Best Wishes For Happy Holidays
a christmas card with silver and pink decorations on it's side, surrounded by confetti
Neli Quilling Art