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Фотографии Sailor Moon • Crystal • Сейлор Мун • Кристалл – 149 альбомов

Фотографии Sailor Moon • Crystal • Сейлор Мун • Кристалл – 149 альбомов

「セレニティ」/「ねお」のイラスト [pixiv]

/Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon/ - Zerochan Looks like it should be a label/logo for a fancy chocolate brand :)

Sailor Jupiter

Anime picture with bishoujo senshi sailor moon toei animation kino makoto tongyaohuan long hair single tall image looking at viewer blue eyes brown hair simple background ponytail black girl dress flower (flowers) ribbon (ribbons) hair ribbon petals

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kay-i: “ Characters are drawn in a similarity to the ancient style surrounded by their elements. Clothes of Princess Pluto symbolize refinement and maturity, clothes of Princess Uranus – strength and militancy, clothes of Princess Neptune –.

Usagi and Luna by KotohimeSan on DeviantArt

Finally the last one - Celestial Sailor Moon, and as I promised, and as you can see - her Celestial form differs from other senshi. Sailor Moon/Usagi Ts.