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Anna Páričková
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Frank Iero

Hi I am Frank and I am the guitarist for My Chemical Romance. I am the short one, and I am a vegetarian. I have a younger sister called Raven and My best friend is Gee

Skeet Ulrich, Bad Boys

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Wednesday Addams Tattoo.

Wednesday Addams Tattoo.

✕❀that emo vampire  kid❀✕

✕❀that emo vampire kid❀✕

I fucking cried at this. And for me, that means something. Don't make your loved ones cry like I did.

I can't stop crying I've read this to so many people.and everyone I cry.people please read this then repost it.and read it to people that you know have problems like this in there live it could save them.

I know where Gerard is in this gif ;)

Gerard is totally "not" on Frank Iero in this gif ;