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a wooden pergolan sitting on top of a patio next to a fence and trees
Arbors/Pergolas - Whippany NJ
bench and a small pergola
a wooden fence is shown in front of some bushes and trees, with the top part of it covered by a trellis
Corner Pergola Plans
this wall feels solid but still feels closed off. Interesting shape.
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and potted plants on the deck
The Sanctuary
Large decking area with a festoon lit pergola area and rattan corner sofa
an outdoor patio with wooden chairs and a pergolated area in the back yard
Pergola, Paving, Landscaping & Paradise!
Pergola, Paving, Landscaping & Paradise!
a wooden bench sitting on top of a wooden deck
a wooden pergolated structure with several pieces of wood attached to the top and bottom
Pergolas | Shed & Structures | Earlswood GLC
Corner Pergola
an outdoor patio area with chairs and plants
9 Green Garden Product Alternatives
love the nice clean look of this mini enclosure... could do just a couple panels near my back patio, to screen from neighbors. could even do a mini 'roof' panel or 2 with inexpensive lattice...
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a garden
20 Smart Garden Bench Designs
20 Attractive Bench Designs That Will Emphasize Your Garden Landscape
a garden with rocks and plants around it
Lovable and Very Relaxing Garden Retreats That Will Impress You…
Lovable and Very Relaxing Garden Retreats That Will Impress You
an outdoor dining area with potted plants and chairs
Here is a collection of modern backyard designs where you can enjoy without leaving the comforts of home.
an outdoor patio area with chairs and table
Garden days........
I have been feeling sorry for the garden for ages now, because of our wedding last year it didn't even get a look in and every morning whil...