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Collection by Annie Sheridan

Annie Sheridan
Disfraz diente de león. Dandelion cosplay via Pledging Geek | Second 40 Cosplays DragonCon 2013

Second 40 Cosplays DragonCon 2013 - Pledging Geek

Dragon Con 2013 Cosplay: Part Two (Go To: Part One, Part Three, Part Four) As I said in Part One, I am going to be posting the costume and cosplay pictures I took over the next week or so. I aim to have 40 new ones per day, on pages like this, and collect them all …

Flutterby 3-Bolli Darling-amazing costumes!

Flutterby 3-Bolli Darling-amazing costumes!

Jay Strongwater Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine

Jay Strongwater Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine

Limited edition of 300 pieces.Made of cast aluminum with a brass finish.Hand enameled and hand set with Swarovski® crystals.32W x 10D x 25T.Made in the USA.

Spider working with its strong spun web

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*Quilter * Treaure Hunter * Stitcher * Online Shopkeep * and and...

Seaweed Sexual Reproduction: a chancy business

This is a transverse section of the conceptacle of a brown seaweed Fucus sp., commonly known as saw wrack. It has been stained with a fluorescent dye called anilino-naphthalene-sulphonic acid. Brown seaweeds in the genus Fucus are common in the intertidal zone. Two species are visible here - saw wrack Fucus serratus with a saw-tooth edge to the fronds and bladder wrack F. vesiculosus with smooth frond edges and paired flotation bladders. In spring they make rapid new growth and enter their…

jember fashion carnival

jember fashion carnival

Fabulously textural stilt costumes! I love the way the lines of the body are blurred

Stilt walkers from Tarby Davenport

Stilt walkers from event consultant Tarby Davenport. Entertainers, cabaret & performance artists for any event. From corporate parties to street theatre, Tarby works closely with artists and clients

Stilt fairy with wings! #costume

Stilt Walkers for Hire | Book Walkabout Stilt Walkers | Stilts

Stilt walkers provide spectacular entertainment in the form of larger than life characters, interacting with the public/guests. Book Stilt Walkers today!

Booking agent for Forest Fairy Queens - Stilt Walkers | Contraband Events

Enchanted Forest Fairy Stilt Acts I wish I could walk on stilts!! But it would be cool to do some kind of "sentries" by an entrance...not necessarily real people...