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Expressive Digital Illustrations that Tell Surreal Stories - My Modern Metropolis

I need to do this for the boys!

Owl and Skull Tattoo

'Limm' by Deskriptiv via Behance

Mexican Skull by NASH-Nicolas Ryffel, via Behance

Here's a 150,000-piece LEGO creation of Helm's Deep, from "Lord of the Rings":

McDonald's MOC Lego Not a fan of branding in LEGO, but that Dunkin' Donuts is pretty cool...

1955 Chrysler Station Wagon, JF Kustoms,

1962 Ford Mustang I - YES, it's a REAL Mustang, was a prototype that debuted on 10/07/62 @ Watkins Glen in NY. The prototype II debuted same place, 10/06/63 and the Mustang itself debuted 04/17/64. I'm not a Ford gal, just like the old Mustangs.