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Escher-inspired ray-traced illusions, puzzles, designs for 3D printing, animations, software and other stuff I made
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Condor's Peeper Puzzle

Condor's Peeper is an ingenious burr puzzle of level designed by Jack Krijnen.

Apollonian Blossom by on @deviantART

My second fractal created using Apophysis. For now I am still focussing on learning the basics, including the underlying maths. Details This fractal is .

CubLoc Wooden Cube Puzzle

The Cubloc puzzle is designed by Stephan Baumegger.

Oktoberfest Puzzle

Oktoberfest is a six-piece burr puzzle designed by Christoph Lohe. An interesting feature of this puzzle is that it consists of six identical puzzle parts, y.

Escherian Nightmare by on @deviantART

My first fractal flame. A tesselated impossible triangle. Credits This fractal is heavily based on the Impossible fractal cr.

Two Burrs in a Basket

This puzzle is an ingenious design by Logan Kleinwaks and is actually multiple puzzles in one.