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Escher-inspired ray-traced illusions, puzzles, designs for 3D printing, animations, software and other stuff I made
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Condor's Peeper Puzzle

Condor's Peeper is an ingenious burr puzzle of level designed by Jack Krijnen.

Apollonian Blossom by on @deviantART

My second fractal created using Apophysis. For now I am still focussing on learning the basics, including the underlying maths. Details This fractal is .

CubLoc Wooden Cube Puzzle

The Cubloc puzzle is designed by Stephan Baumegger.

Oktoberfest Puzzle

Oktoberfest is a six-piece burr puzzle designed by Christoph Lohe. An interesting feature of this puzzle is that it consists of six identical puzzle parts, y.

Escherian Nightmare by on @deviantART

My first fractal flame. A tesselated impossible triangle. Credits This fractal is heavily based on the Impossible fractal cr.

A Mage Ring by on @deviantART

A Mage Ring by eriban

Tronc Commun 3

Tronc Commun 3 is the last puzzle in a series of three designed by Gregory Benedetti. What these puzzles have in common is their shape when assembled, as wel.

Gumball 3K Burr Puzzle

Gumball is an eighteen piece burr puzzle featuring two additional hidden car pieces which together with the shape of the overall puzzle give it its name.

Super Nova puzzle

Super Nova is an burr puzzle that requires a record-breaking sequence of 166 moves to release the first puzzle piece!

Auturnal Visions by on @deviantART

My entry to Apo Weekly Challenge No The goal was to use the Lazy Susan and Julia N variations together.

Cube with Magic Ribbons by on @deviantART

This is a reproduction of M. Escher's print "Cube with magic ribbons". This print is significant for being Escher's first drawing featuring an impo. Cube with Magic Ribbons


Azraël is a box-shaped puzzle designed by Alfons Eyckmans. It consists of only eight parts, which are all quite basic. Nevertheless, the puzzle is surprising.