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🎨 Hand-painted polychrome painting on a silver background
💫 The uniqueness of this technique is that it is very difficult to show the background. For the foreground, the main matte composition is used, while the paint should be glossy to show the depth of the background. Otherwise, everything will be like a stencil. 💡 The task was perfectly executed, with this studio artist she developed her own interesting writing technique. 🎼 MARION Music - Night Drive #паркзодчий #paintingonsilver #fragmentpainting #alfresco #handpainting #paintingwall
Multifunkčná šablóna na obkreslenie tvarov
a family tree with many pictures on it and the word family written in large letters
Rubbermaid Pan Organizer, Cookware Rack, Black
the stairs are decorated with family tree decals
DIY vinyl family tree! (nat)
shower bathroom idea