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an old book is decorated with flowers and pearls
an open binder with many papers in it
fácil de intentar con cartones
a small notebook covered in fabric with cupcakes and other things on it's cover
Momentos de Costura
Momentos de Costura
a stack of folded fabric sitting on top of a white table next to a cell phone
fabric journal
an image of a notepad with a tree on it and the words make something good today
Last on my list :(
notebook cover
a wooden book with an intricate design on it
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Handmade blank leather journal notebook with steampunk Butterfly emblem in Brown. $39.99, via Etsy.
three small notebooks with different designs on them
Notebooks: Button flower embellishment
there are many different papers stacked on top of each other with pencils in them
~~~ Libretas y blocks ~~~
Really cute bookbinding method if you only use one signature inside, vertical coptic bind
an owl made out of buttons is sitting on a piece of paper next to another one
all things simple
cute notebook cover
three notebooks with pink flowers on them are next to a cup and saucer
Madeit Australia
sometimes I think a bind it all would be a great toy....
four small notebooks with string attached to them on a wooden table, one has an ornament in the middle
Notebooks with Stitched Covers - How Did You Make This?
Notebooks with Stitched Covers - How Did You Make This?