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an ornately decorated room with wooden furniture
Fouquet's shop at Carnavalet - front window
Fouquet's shop at Carnavalet - front window
a room with wooden walls and flooring has vases on the shelves in it
Art Nouveau dining room | Art Nouveau dining room | Gorgeous Art Nouveau dining room paneling, furniture, and decor on display in the Musée d'Orsay.
a wooden chair with curved legs and a bent seat on the backrest, against a white background
Hector Guimard. Side Table. 1904–1907 | MoMA
the ceiling is decorated with red flowers and green trimmings, along with white walls
Deckenmalerei - Gewölbemalerei - Deckengemälde
an ornately decorated entryway with stairs and windows
Mosaic art becomes a space odyssey in its own right
Mosaic art can be featured in any room in your home. You can decorate your furniture with it, your walls, floors, garden, and pool…The applications are only limited by your imagination. Join us as we explore some of the amazing applications of this beautiful immersive art. A 4-min read that you’ll definitely enjoy. Thank you. #art #interiordecor #homedecor #interiordesign #homeinteriors #interiordesigners #instadecor #travel #mosaics #decor #interiors #instadaily #designinsp #kitchen #home #bat
a cat sitting on top of a window sill next to a potted plant
Hector Guimard - Hotel Jassede - Détail de Façade.. Art Nouveau 1905 - Paris 16ème (France, 75)..
an ornately painted wall and mirror in a room
How to Become an #AnOtherLover
an ornately decorated building with large windows
Ancienne librairie Viviès (début 20ème) - 66 rue Gambetta, Toulouse (31)
an artistic mural on the side of a building
Brussels, Belgium, 2011
the interior of a restaurant with green walls and tables set up for two people to eat
Bouillon Racine, Paris
an intricate carving on the side of a building with a door in front of it