Техника изготовления кирпичной кладки из бумажной коробки

Faux brick walls or chimney - detailed tutorial - dollhouse miniature

How to "felt" stuff. I always see projects in magazines using felted stuff. I knew it had to do with washing in hot water, but I didn't know it was this easy. There are a few cute project ideas here too.

Learn How to Felt

names of sewing machine feet

More presser feet than you will ever need

Artfully Musing: Tutorial - Creating a Stained Glass Look by Embossing Transparency Film

How To: create a stained glass look by embossing transparency film. Slightly advanced but easy to do. I suggest googling images of "transparency film" and "embossing" for further visual ideas.


This tutorial is for polymer clay, but the same concept can be used for fondant. FREE TUTORIAL: polymer clay halloween pumpkin by Jeff Stahl Art

Julia Gorina

My Owl Barn: Julia Gorina: Miniature Textile Brooches. Russian artist Julia Gorina hand makes these miniature birds and owls brooches using vintage fabric and laces that are hand painted and meticulously embroidered

Amazing birds brooches by Julia Gorina Click on link to see more photos -

My Owl Barn: Julia Gorina: Miniature Textile Brooches - Beautiful and fantastic work.

Make Your Own Dremel Sanding Discs for Polymer Clay

Picture Tutorial on making your own sanding discs for Dremels. Great for using higher grit sandpaper on polymer clay. (How To Make Clay)

Purse Playhouse Altoid Tin: Paper doll house meant to be carried in the purse and used to keep a child busy when on the go.

Altoid Tin playhouse: Paper doll house for kids, meant to be carried in the purse.