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an animal mask and some stickers on a purple background with the words alphabet animals
Aleph Bet Animal Puppets - Printable Craft for Kids
This is such a fun Jewish craft for kids - and a great Hebrew school teaching tool!
an image of the parts of a body in hebrew language, with words and pictures on it
the lego menorah logo is shown above an image of a man with a fire extinguisher
50+ Fun & Easy Hanukkah Crafts and Activities for Kids - Happy Toddler Playtime
a young boy holding a blue and white kite
7 Fun Things to Do With Kids on Simchat Torah
a white board with the names of different children's faces and words written on it
Thumbprint Ushpizin People - Challah Crumbs
some sticks are sitting on the table with paint
This found-objects decor will make your space sparkle with that Festival of Lights glow.
a person is holding a lemon and stamping it on a piece of white paper
7 No-Waste Decorations to Make For Your Sukkah
the yom kippur fortune teller is shown in black and white, with instructions for
Downloadable Cootie Catchers
a yellow pumpkin sitting on top of a wooden table next to green leaves and herbs
Sukkot Blessing Printables - Lulav & Etrog, Sitting in the Sukkah