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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake | Bibbyskitchen recipes

This is The Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe with chocolate cream cheese frosting, glossy ganache and chocolate macaroons - Bibbyskitchen Cake Friday recipes| Page 1

Studio Munge

Interior design firm specializing in luxury hospitality, food & beverage and residential spaces.

The HEUG.Online provides a web-based tool for PeopleSoft Higher Education and Public Sector clients to communicate and collaborate online. The tool allows users to share files and documents, to post and read relveant news articles, and to share information in forums.

Winners 2014

Details of the overall and category winners, and images of the winning projects, from the sixth year of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in 2014.

The Wedding Chapel at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Where to Get Married in Las Vegas, from a Drive-Thru Window to an Elegant Terrace

Whether you want to go all-out elegant or cheap or spontaneous, Las Vegas has a wedding for everyone.

Oh this? It's just the new best room in Vegas.

MGM's Skyline Terrace Suite features two levels' worth of the high-roller-est of accommodations laid out on 1300sqft of penthouse real estate, half of which is used for an outdoor patio so breathtaking you'll be like "Dude, I can't breathe, this thing is taking all of my breath". Need a floor-by-floor-by-terrace breakdown? Yes, yes you do.

CRUSH - MGM Grand Hotel

Las Vegas' 13 best places to party... while having dinner

Hakkasan, TAO, LAVO, and all of Vegas' best party restaurants.

Forever Grand Wedding Chapel Entrance


Forever Grand Wedding Chapel Entrance