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a black and white drawing of a woman's face
a drawing of a hand holding a yellow butterfly
ITALIAN DESIGN | A Feast of Fornasetti & Wonderland of Interiors | ITALIANBARK
an old black and white drawing of a woman's face with the eyes wide open
a drawing of a man with his tongue sticking out from under his chin and looking at the camera
FORNASETTI Unisex Decorative plate Black -- --
Hand-printed porcelain plate The “Tema e Variazioni” series is inspired by the enigmatic and archetypically feminine visage of soprano Lina Cavalieri Which Piero Fornasetti held to be perfectly proportioned and took for his muse Over the years What started life as a series of six plates has grown to include over 350 variations Appearing on all manner of objects produced by the atelier
an image of a man's face on top of a newspaper page with words written in it
Lina Cavalieri
a drawing of a hand holding a red fish
Fornasetti® Store Ufficiale | Arredamento e Complementi di Design
news- piero triennale chiusura
an old advertisement with different types of women's eyes and their appearance in the past
Collage Faces Full Sheet
Collage Faces Full Sheet More
Portrait, Inspiration, Ink, Artwork, Original Designs
many different faces are shown in black and white
Fornasetti Woman Face | Bottlecap4u
a stamp with an image of a woman's face on it, and the words thirty
Fornasetti postage stamp.