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Paper Loop Pufferfish
a drawing of a cloud with raindrops and the letter e on it's side
an image of bees on the side of a beehive with labels labeled below
Anatomy of a Bee
three bees with different stages of their life cycle
A Bee Up Close | Kids Discover Online
Teach kids about BEES! Like many insects, bees go through a process called metamorphosis, changing shape as they grow. And it all takes place in one small cell! | Kids Discover
the cut and paste bee craft is shown
Free Printable Bumble Bee Craft Template
Click now for a simple way to teach the letter B in the alphabet, click now to download and print this easy bumble bee craft today! This bug craft is an easy preschool, kindergarten or toddler printable bee craft! Turn it into a puppet by using recycled materials and gluing the bee template to a paper plate or Popsicle stick. Options for this bumble bee craft are endless!
a coloring page with bees and flowers
a drawing of a person on skis with the words january written in black and white
white snowflakes are arranged on a wooden table
Make a Circle of Paper Chain People
Make a circle of paper chain people More