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art appreciation.

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James Sant

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Johannes Gehrts

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Diego Rivera

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Egon Schiele

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J.F. Millet

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C'est une exposition-événement que le musée du Louvre, en collaboration avec la National Gallery of Ireland et la National Gallery of Art de Washington, organise autour de la figure aujourd'hui si célèbre de Vermeer.Réunissant pour la première fois à Paris depuis 1966 douze tableaux de Vermeer (soit un tiers de l'œuvre connu du maître de Delft), l'exposition explore le réseau fascinant des relations qu'il a entretenues avec les autres grands peintres du Siècle d'or hol...
Jan Vermeer - L'officier et la jeune fille riant


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Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons. Museo Jumex
Jeff Koons | Boule réfléchissante | Musée Guggenheim Bilbao


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Gian Lorenzo Bernini,Απόλλων και Δάφνη
Gian Lorenzo Bernini - The ecstasy of Saint Teresa, 1647-52, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome. Teresa writes about her divine encounter with an angel, who pierced her with an arrow: “The sweetness caused by this intense pain is so extreme that one can not possibly wish it to cease, nor is one’s soul content with anything but God. This is not a physical, but a spiritual pain, though the body has some share in it—even a considerable share.”
Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680)

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

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erik thor sandberg flesh & Bone
A arte perturbante de Erik Thor Sandberg [NSFW] | IdeaFixa
Erik Thor Sandberg

Erik Sandberg

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Vasili Kandinsky - Arch and Point
Construcción ablandada de Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944, Russia) | Impresiones De Arte En Lienzo | WahooArt.com
Wassily Kandinsky, Deepened Impulse, 1928


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Donato Creti, Astronomical Observations, 1711, oil on canvas, Vatican Museum, Rome.
Donato Creti- astronomical observations
Cave to Canvas — art-stronomy: Donato Creti, Astronomical...

Donato Creti

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Highlights From Łódź Design Festival 2019 - Feel Desain | your daily dose of creativity
Burger King logo in Bauhaus design style
Bauhaus Design Tea Poster | Zazzle.com


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The Infancy of Bacchus, or The Little Bacchanal, C.1624-25 by Nicolas Poussin Framed Art Print Magnolia Box
Mother’s Love In ,,The Judgment Of Solomon,, By Nicolas Poussin. Sоlоmоn, thе third King of Isrаеl, wаs the son of Dаvid аnd Bаthshеbа, аnd wаs rеnownеd for his wisdom. Aссоrding to thе Оld Tеstаmеnt, Sоlоmоn hаs bееn саllеd to rulе on thе clаims mаde by twо prоstitutеs (living in thе sаmе housе) whо hаd givеn birth аt the sаmе timе
Trademark Global Nicolas Poussin 'Landscape With Calm' Canvas Art - 32 x 24 x 2

Nicolas Poussin

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Queen Caroline of Great Britain by Charles Jervas
Portrait of a Lady in Blue c. 1730 by Charles Jervas.
Lady Elizabeth and Lady Henrietta Finch by Charles Jervas, c. 1730-31

Charles Jervas

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Fernando De Szyszlo - habitación no. 23
Fernando de Szyszlo, ‘Paracas: La noche’, 2016
Fernando de Szyszlo • Artistas • Aninat Galería

Fernando de Szyszlo

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Paris. Le Pont Neuf et les premières maisons de la Place Dauphine.


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Paul Gauguin

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Hieronymus-Jérôme Bosch - Primitif Flamand - Le Jardin des Délices, detail.
Jérome Bosh, détail du Jugement dernier, 1500
Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights (detail), between 1490 and 1510 (Prado, Madrid)


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Elly Smallwood (Canadian, b. Ottawa, based Toronto, Canada) - Untitled, 2014 Drawings: Charcoal
Elly Smallwood, Exploring Human Emotion on a Grand Scale
Elly Smallwood on Instagram: “Acrylic”

Elly Smallwood

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Pablo Picasso Portrait Tutt Art
Pablo Picasso Portrait Tutt Art


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Joan Miró, Obras on ArtStack #joan-miro #art
L'or de l'azur Plus
Joan Miró 1893-1983 CLLC Woman, Bird, and Star Homage to Picasso

Joan Miró

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Vincent Van Gogh

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"Bellezza e bruttezza sono un miraggio perché gli altri finiscono per vedere la nostra interiorità".
Frida Kahlo, Girl With A Death Mask (She Plays Alone), 1938
Frida. Don't we all feel that dichotomy between who we desire to be and the reality of the cards we have been dealt?

Frida Kahlo

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