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What is Accounting? | Types of Accounting | Advantages & Disadvantages

There exists several types of accounting. This article provides an insight into few such types of accounting while also discussing merit & demerit of each.

Cash Basis Accounting

Cash Basis Accounting is an accounting method in which record of the revenues are on its actual receipt and of the payments on its actual payment.

What is Bitcoin? - Napkin Finance

What is Bitcoin? Learn about this and more simple, visual, stress-saving financial tips from Napkin Finance.

Current Liability – Meaning, Types, Accounting And More

Current Liability is a financial obligation that a company needs to pay within a year of incurring it. Also known as short term liability.

Types of Financial Models | eduCBA

Learn the different types of Financial models like DCF Model, Comparative Company Analysis model, Sum-of-the-parts model, LBO Model, M&A model and Option Pricing Model

EBITDARM – Meaning, Importance And Shortcomings

EBITDARM means earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortization, rent and management fees. Like EBIT it is a measure of financial performance.

5 Types of Financial Statements | Balance Sheet, Income, Cash Flow, + 2

There are three basic types of financial statements viz. balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Some consider the statement of stockholders equity also. In the true sense, explanatory footnotes should also be called as financial statements. Let's understand each form of financial statement in brief.

Yield Gap - What It Means And How To Interpret It?

Yield gap (also yield ratio) is the difference between the yield on long-term government bonds and the yield on shares (dividend yield) at any given time.

These 21 sketches make complicated financial concepts simple enough to fit on a napkin

These napkin-sized explainers make insurance, investing, student loans, taxes, estate planning, and credit easy to understand.

Free Accounting Spreadsheets for Small Business

We have free spreadsheets for small business owners to track and record their accounting data!Maintaining proper accounting records is imperative to a small business owner.You need to be able to tell at a glance where you stand financially in order to make sound business decisions.If

Material Non-Public Information

Material Non-Public information is the one that could affects companies share price and investment decisons as soon the information is made public.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the key skill that one requires for managing investment effectively. Then whether he is an individual or HNI or a big MNC. Where HNI st

Liquidity Premium Meaning | Liquid vs. Illiquid Investments | eFM

Liquidity premium is the compensation that an investor demands for investing in securities having low liquidity because these securities carriy higher risk.

Basel III-History, Pillars, Regulatory Elelment & Timeline

Basel III is a list of comprehensive reforms whose goal is to strengthen the regulation, supervision and risk management of the banking sector.

Hypothecation | Meaning, Example, Vs Mortgage, Vs Pledge, Documentation

Hypothecation means offering an asset as a collateral security to the lender whereby ownership lies with lender & the possession is enjoyed by the borrower.