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an aerial view of a lake surrounded by trees and mountains in the distance with houses on either side
Het dorpje Kramfors in Zweden. Met een huurauto kun je zulke dorpjes makkelijk zelf ontdekken.
an image of a road going over the water with mountains in the background and clouds overhead
Atlantic road, Norway [HDR]
Atlantic road, Norway [HDR] | Atlanterhavsveien - The Atlant… | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
many houses are painted in different colors and shapes
Voss, Norway.
Voss, Norway. : Pictures Images Photos
boats are docked in the water near houses and mountains
de la bendecida noruega esta hermosa imagen de este lago de una singular belleza.jluis (Norway)
an alley way with autumn leaves on the ground and houses in the background, along with yellow trees
Damstredet.. Oslo
boats are docked in the water next to some buildings and lights at night, with one boat moored on it's side
2011-001658 | Stockholm, uteservering, flotte, strandvägen, …
Strandvägen, östermalm, Stockholm
several pictures of houses and boats on the water, along with horses grazing in the grass
-din grafiska partner
Göta Kanal, Sweden
a person standing in the snow near some ice formations
Wildcelt: Fine Arts and Entertainment Portal —
Njupeskär Waterfall, Sweden.
a dirt road leading to an old wooden shack on the ocean shore with grass and flowers
The Island of Gotland, Sweden
an aerial view of a large mansion in the middle of some trees with water behind it
ღღ Tjoloholm Castle, Kattegat Coast, Holland, Sweden
some houses are on the side of a hill by the water with fog in the air
All things Europe
a white house sitting next to a body of water
house @ Geiranger, Norway
Norwegian girl Costumes, People, Ao Dai, Dirndl, Folk Costume, Folk Dresses, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Dresses, Costume
Norwegian girl
Norwegian girl