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a pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
135K views · 1.3K reactions | Bringing back the viral baked spaghetti #bakedspaghetti #spaghetti #cooking #learnontiktok #learnonfacebook #learnoninstagram #LearnOnReels #cookingwithlove #cookwithme #MarchMadness #finalfour #hometrends #gardeningtips #bakeryowner #AutismAcceptanceMonth #KateMartin #spacexfalcon9 #GoSpursGo #americanhorrostory #FalloutTVShow #invincibleseason2 #tulipseason #finewoodworking #disneydining #JordanSpieth #roomvisualizer #friendstrip #BlakeGriffin #TaurusSeason #seasonalallergies #iMovie | Meals And Munchies | Meals And Munchies · Original audio
a slow cooker filled with pasta and meat is shown in the video above it's caption
82K views · 3K reactions | Crockpot Cheesy Steak Pasta | Crockpot Cheesy Steak Pasta #recipe #crockpot | By Richard EatsFacebook
a plate of pasta with broccoli, peppers and zucchini on it
Creamy Pasta Primavera
Creamy Pasta Primavera - Life In The Lofthouse
mushroom and garlic spaghetti in a skillet with text overlay
Easy Mushroom-Garlic Spaghetti
creamy mushroom pasta is ready in only 30 minutes
Creamy Mushroom Pasta
a white bowl filled with pasta and broccoli
14K views · 754 reactions | Jaycie Knight Tanner on Reels | _jaycietanner_ · Original audio
mushroom and garlic spaghetti in a skillet with text overlay that reads, fast & easy mushroom - garlic spaghetti
Mushroom and Garlic Spaghetti Dinner
a white plate topped with pasta and meat
Ro*Tel Cheeseburger Spaghetti - Recipes Food and Cooking
a skillet filled with pasta and meat covered in cheese
Such an easy one pot meal!! #EasyRecipe #easydinner #quickrecipes #groundbeefrecipe #onepanmeal #dinnerrecipe #tacosp | Amyy Doe | Amyy Doe · Original audio
a woman holding a bowl of food with a spoon in her hand and looking at the camera
Easy one pot dinner! #dinner #recipe #onepot #onepotmeals #easydinner #dinnerideas #mealideas #pasta #italiansausage #cooking #food #fyp #weeknight #usa #viral #fbreel #viralreel #reels #trending #mealsandmunchies | Meals And Munchies | Meals And Munchies · Original audio
a glass casserole dish filled with noodles and meat
#ad Get ready for an easy Chicken Spaghetti weeknight dinner with the help of @campbells ! #campbellspartner #cooking #food #yummyfood #eating #AmaZing #cooling | Cooking so Yummy | Cooking so Yummy · Original audio
someone is adding cheese on top of the lasagna
this easy dinner is so good! | dinner, spaghetti, hot dog | this easy dinner is so good! sometimes, we need quick and easy dinners! Don't knock it until you try it: spaghetti & hotdogs! | By Kristin's Friends | Facebook | Alright, y'all. I have one package of cooked spaghetti. So, I prepped this last night, you know, so that it was in my fridge but it's cooked and I put a little olive oil on it. So, we're just going to spread this out, alright? This is a quick, easy dinner, budget friendly as well, alright y'all. So, now we have here. I have some hotdogs, hotdogs, Hebrew National. I don't think I've ever tried these so I want to try em. I know some of y'all said the ones at Sam's Club are real good but I'm using this, alright? Y'all going to love this quick, easy dinner. Everybody loves it and you know what? It's easy on your wallet and sometimes we need that. So, what I like to do here y'all. Y'all y'all know how I feel about my handy kitchen scissors and I cut these hotdogs up. Yes, I could've done this before but guess what? I didn't so I'm doing it now. So, y'all gotta listen to me talk. Ha ha ha. Just kidding y'all. Okay, y'all. This is what I want to say right now. So, yesterday, I was shopping at my local Walmart and I ran into someone real nice. His name was Eddie and he stopped me to tell me he watches my cooking show and he likes my cooking. So, Eddie, I just want to say hello and it was so nice to meet you and tell your wife I said hi and you made my day. Alright, y'all. If y'all ever see me out in public, come say hi. I love talking. I love meeting people. I'm sad I didn't have Frankie Foofers or Kevin with me but you know, they like to stay home. Sometimes, you just gotta you just gotta do it the easy way y'all. You know what? Life be busy. Sometimes food be real expensive. So, when I find these hotdogs on sale, it's just a quick, easy dinner and it taste good y'all. Don't knock it til you try it. I already know some of y'all police out there going to be like, that's gross. I don't like that and I'm going to be like, you know what? You should try it because you would love it because it's delicious. Alright. We all done here. Alright, so we got two packages of hotdogs, one package of spaghetti, alright? And guess what? That's perfect. Just like that. Next here, we're going to take one jar of any kind of pasta sauce you like, alright? Any kind. So, I'm just going to pour this right on top of my hotdogs, my hotdogs, my Frank's, my wieners. What are all the y'all let's let's play a game. Let's think of all the names of hotdogs, alright? Hot dogs, Frank's, wiener. Frank Ferter. I'm going to also take one of tomato sauce just because I like it a little extra liquid so just right on top here what are some other names of hotdogs y'all there's a lot of different names I want to know alright that looks that's perfect y'all just like that mmm mmm mmm okay next we're just going to do a little seasoning garlic powder so again if y'all want to use like fresh garlic and stuff you can but the the intention of this meal is to be quick easy and cheap alright little bit of basil as well so we already have the marinara sauce and I just put that extra tomato sauce on top so we're just going to add a little something something okay so last step here y'all. Um we're going to do some cheese. So, we have some Parmesan. I have this left over in my fridge so we're just going to sprinkle this on top. I'm going to use the rest of this. It's probably about half a bag maybe something like that. I love Parmesan and then I'm also going to do a little layer of mozzarella. Alright, y'all. So, let me get this out and this cheese I shredded myself. I use my own two hands and my food processor. Don't tell em y'all. Yeah, so you y'all can tell when I shred it myself because there's some weird chunks but it's alright. All going to the same plate y'all. Y'all know that. Alright. So, that looks good. I think once you have a nice layer of cheese, if you want to add more, you can. Little bit of parsley to finish this dish and we're going to put this in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. Alright, y'all. I'm so excited for y'all to try this delicious, easy dinner. Alright, y'all. Here we have our delicious dinner, spaghetti and hotdogs. We use one package of spaghetti, two packages of hotdogs, some pasta sauce. Uh yeah, pretty cheap meal to make and it'll feed a lot of people. It's it this is heavy y'all. This is five pounds at least. So, guess what? Time to eat some. I'm just going to cut around. I took this out of the oven a little while ago. So, let's see. We're going to try and get this out. Alright, we got our hotdogs, our spaghetti, we got some mozzarella cheese. Give me some more of these hotdogs. It's like using meatballs but instead of meatballs, you got little hotdogs. I mean, how could this be bad y'all really? Alright and it's there's so much food here like look at that scoop I took. That's plenty for me. You can get like, I don't know, 12 servings out of this. It's great. So, guess what? Time to eat some. So, let me get some cheese, some spaghetti, some hotdogs. I used a Hebrew National hotdogs. I feel like I've y'all lately what what your favorite hotdogs is. I feel like a lot of y'all say like Sam's Club has good hotdogs but I don't know. Alright, I'm just babbling. Have you ever been to Portillo's? It's a Chicago thing. I've been there once. It was real good. Alright, here we go. Y'all, okay. So, it seems like a weird combo but it's actually really good y'all. Y'all have to try this.
a man is holding up some noodles to his face
Easy breezy beautiful come get you someee Full recipe will be posted on #shrimp #scampi #linguine #pasta | kwokspots | kwokspots · Original audio
a white plate topped with pasta covered in sauce
Homemade Alfredo Sauce
a pan filled with pasta and sausages on top of a wooden table next to a person's hand
Shirley Mcadoo on Reels | Peaches & Herb · Reunited