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two cartoon faces with the words skolin'druzliana written below them
Pro školy – Obrázkový ostrov Lenky Procházkové
an orange door with some stickers on it
Slavnostní zahájení školního roku 2017/2018 – skolahornemci – album na Rajčeti
a cork board with several different types of speech bubbles on it, including the words druzinove desataero
Desatero chování - Ze života školní družiny
a wooden sign that says pismenovoe zavesy with scissors and an umbrella
the hallway is decorated with colorful flowers and numbers for each child's name on the floor
The Sensory Path- Engaging & vibrant pathways for children!
a painting on the side of a building with buildings painted on it's sides
Virginia Pacer
Awesome mural - could give each staff member a sci-fi design and they can decorate differently for a mural