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On the set of Jaws (1975)

james cameron's aliens images - Google Search

James Cameron - Terminator behind the scenes. I cannot express enough the surprise and shock of the First Terminator movie. I was blindsided and riveted. A classic, delivered by a genius, of sorts.

Steven Spielberg talks to Japanese TV in this little-seen profile from 1982. It’s an incredible piece of footage and highlights include behind the scenes footage from Twilight Zone: The Movie, a tour through Amblin’s offices, interviews with Leah Adler (Spielberg’s mother), Melissa Matheson and Kathleen Kennedy, Spielberg’s thoughts on TV (Cheers, St Elsewhere, Hill St Blues are good, soap operas not so much), Spielberg and John Williams chatting music, Ben Gardner’s head, John Milius and…

Cylon Basestar Model - Battlestar Galactica

Models from Industrial Light and Magic in 1976. I would sell my soul for one of these....twice.

Starship Modeler: Gallery (Star Wars)

Blue LED Base modification can be purchased at

X-Wing Miniatures: TIE Defender Imperial Veteran with LED Engine Upgrade Modification

Modellours Workshop: Star Wars Sandcrawler - Diorama of the Day