Andrej Radošovský

Andrej Radošovský

Andrej Radošovský
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Sassanian Savaran Persian Elite Cavalry

Persian Sassanid to in heavy armour, precursor of the European knights of the Middle Ages. The Sassanids were Zoroastrians like their predecessors' the Achaemenids and the Parthians, who ruled Iran from 500 BC to 600 AD.

Sassanid Persian Cavalry - Sassanian Savaran Archer in Four Horn Saddle

شاهنشاهى ساسانيان Reconstruction of a Sassanid cataphract - Soldiers Sassanid Kingdom - Iran

An Arming Coat for Pascal

This was my first attempt at cloth armor. It is fully lined, with detachable sleeves and tho its not shown in the picture, grommets up the front for sec. An Arming Coat for Pascal