Cichlid fish

Collection by Audrey Williams

Audrey Williams

Oscar Fish- Red, Tiger, Albino, Wild, Long Finned

The Oscar fish is a member of the cichlid family and can be found in its native environment in various areas of the Amazon River in South America

breeding white and tiger oscars

i was just wondering if anyone have or seen pics of offsprings by white and black tiger oscars? how do they look? are they white or black?

The Hobby of Fishtank Aquarium Keeping Explained

Get the Scoop on Fishtank Aquarium keeping before You're Too Late Aquariums often arrive with other junk. They usually come with simple, standard filters that

Some shots of my Cichlids...

So, I got only a minute this morning to get a few snapshots of These Fellows... As I see now...their solid color is not easy to be captured...but...

Pet Fish for Sale: Tropical and Freshwater Fish

Create or augment the perfect underwater community with our selection of freshwater and tropical fish for sale.

African Cichlid | Kenyii

The Keyii cichlid early colors are silver with black stripes, and as males age, they become a lovely, vibrant yellow. Check the compatibility chart on our site and put together a freshwater aquarium. Learn more today!

Аквариумная рыбка Астронотус: фото, содержание и кормление, размножение и разведение.

Описание аквариумной рыбки Астронотус с фото и рекомендациями по содержанию и разведению в аквариуме

African Cichlid | O.B. Peacock

This Peacock cichlid is semi-aggressive, can grow up to six inches, and has a life expectancy of a minimum of five years. Make your aquarium colorful with this freshwater cichlid.