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Barbora Stránská
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I was recently asked for some advice by a man who was dating a woman.  He asked in an email, "Should I pay for her dinner?"  I decided to record a video

Your parents owe you nothing. They did the best the knew how to at the time, given the reso

Strawberry Gingerade Coconut Kefir

Gluten Pain: The Best Teacher & Strawberry Gingerade Coconut Kefir - Cultured Food Life

DAMY Chocolates, Truffles, Mini Cheesecakes and Fudge Bites

Check out my DAMY Chocolates, Truffles, Mini Cheesecakes and Fudge Bites Recipes. With Valentine's Day coming this week I wanted to do a round up post of my favorite DAMY Chocolates, Truffles, Mini Cheesecakes and Fudge Bites.

Some precious people in my life were in extreme pain right around the same time.  Three friends were sorting through the natural disaster that breaking up bri

Danielle LaPorte: "Extreme Visualization For Loosening Your Mind Shackles!

Raw chocolate fudge brownies

Raw Chocolate Fudge Brownies cup almonds (or other nuts); of a cup of cocoa powder and another a cup of cocoa powder; 4 T shredded coconut; c of pitted dates; 4 T honey; 1 T orange essence or juice from an orange; 4 T almond butter;

DIY Tutorial-wonderful & colorful pom pom rug!

Rugs often add another dimension of depth, warmth and design to a space. With the Pom-Pom or “Bommel” rugs by MYK, they bring all of the above. Crafted from woolen pom-pom balls, there’s an option of color and style when ordering.