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the cover art for good songs in french by various people and their names on them
some red and black square buttons with words on the bottom one that says, songs that deserves to be more popular
bedrooom party - playlist by annabug04 | Spotify
check out my acc for moree
someone holding an airpods in their hand with the caption saying, what we love most about this device?
an old school album with the words if we can't sing these songs together, i don't want you
a random list of very good songs in french
an iphone screen with the text if you ever need to get some tears out
I love how like half of them are falsettos>> same but like, im kinda mad that i know almost all of these BUT IVE NEVER CRIED TO THEM actually thats a lie ive cried to michael in the bathroom and at the end of falsettos the first time i watched a pro-shot bootleg of it
Songs to listen to Life Hacks
Songs to listen to
the text is written in different languages and it looks like they have been made into an app
I Highly suggest these songs if you're in a chill mood or wanting a lust/love song mix !