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Monika Bačíková
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Only few actually realize this..

My sweet girls, remember this.The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most handsome one you'll meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will take care of you each and everyday until the end of time.

In my every weakness, you are my strength. You build me up when I am down. You compliment me sweetly and out of the blue. All the little things you do I know you love me beyond measure.

Yep. Damn well do. I fucking love you so much baby. Wow.

# Amanda Camara you are my world my best friend my world my everything each and everyday through everything the good the bad through sickness and health love always your best friend Dale Gray

Open when letters for someone travelling

At the moment one of my best friends has been living in Australia for the past year and soon she will be heading to New Zealand travelling for the next one. This means it will be a whole two years … (Best Friend Geschenke)