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absolutely stunning victory  #BIGBANG #MADE

During live situations, unexpected accidents are bound to happen. During a recent concert, BIGBANG’s Seungri proved he was a pro by showing how he dealt wi

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Lee Seunghyun known as Victory. Fitting name for one who had to play boss. was their youngest and sometimes still quite naive, he was an excellent actor.

T.O.P.... you have everyone fooled... they think you are a mature attractive man... but you are really a grandpa man child.... ㅋㅋㅋ...

13 Incredible Water Related Photoshoots By K-Pop Idols In our first round of element themed photoshoots, we have water! K-Pop idols have long taken summer shoots, ranging from the pool to the beach.

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995783335A008A6915ED01 (908×1199)

"There's a light inside of all of us It's never hiding, you just have to light it It's the one thing that you gotta trust It's like a diamond, you just have to find it"💎💎💎


Chanyeol - 161204 Hat’s On fansign Credit: aLong.

I actually really dig his mullet. And I know that's weird, believe me.