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Verb tenses explained for primary-school parents | Present past and future tenses explained | TheSchoolRun

What is verb tense? Verbs are words which express actions. The tense of a verb tells us the time when the action took place, in the past, the present or the future. Identifying verb tenses There are three main tenses: present, past and future.

English idiom with its meaning and an example: 'In the nick of time'. One of a series of "Idiom Cards" created by

"In the nick of time" means "just in time, at the last possible moment". Example: The doctor arrived in the nick of time.

"Tongue-in-cheek" means "insincere, ironic or joking".  Example: Ann made a…

“Tongue-in-cheek” means “insincere, ironic or joking”. Example: Ann made a tongue-in-cheek remark to John, and he got mad because he thought she was serious.

Phrasal Verbs: Travel

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