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a comic strip with an image of a man and woman in pink outfits, one wearing a
four different types of eggs with the same color scheme on each egg, and one has two
an image of the colors of gay pride
the italian flag stands for organino, mozzarella, tomato sauce and more
Just to make that clear once and for all - Funny
there is a pie chart with words in the middle and an arrow pointing to it
several pictures of hands and fingers with the words, only true music fans will get this
two pictures of people riding horses with caption that reads, artist yes, course i've seen a horse
Undress Me With Your Words Darling
They Don’t Make Horses Like They Did Back Then
two men are playing guitars on the street while one man is wearing a top hat
an image of a tent and mat with the caption that reads, david tent matt smith
Excuse the Pun, But These are Funny (30 pics + 1 gif)
an arm with mario and luigi tattoos on it
a drawing of a school emblem with the words teacher make a class logo me soccer ball and rocket ship