Forensic anthropology

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a man with long hair and no shirt on is staring at something in the distance
Neanderthals could speak like modern humans, study suggests
a book cover with an image of a human skull
Forensic Anthropology Training Manual 3rd edition | 9780205022595 | VitalSource
Forensic Anthropology Training Manual (eBook Rental)
two hands in gloves are doing something on someone's hand
NSFW: When Dead Bodies Are Your Job, Death Becomes a Way of Life
the remains of an animal's skull and bones are lying on the ground
the cover of a book with skulls and numbers on it
Forensic Identification by Elizabeth A. Murray: Describes the techniques and technologies used in forensic sciences to identify bodies. -TitlePeek
a human skull is displayed on a table next to photos and scissors, with other items in the background
Forensic Anthropology, 3D Facial Reconstruction
BV6253:Forensic Anthropology, 3D Facial Reconstruction ©Richard T. Nowitz/Science Source #sciencesource #forensics #skull
a book cover with an image of a bug
post mortem interval
post mortem interval ::
the remains of an animal that was killed by another animal are shown in three separate images
The science of human decay
a poster with instructions on how to use an insect repellent for pesticides
Forensic entomology poster (University of Western Australia Dr David Cook and Dr Ian Dadour) Read more:
two men are working in the woods together
Tanya Peckmann: Forensic Anthropologist
Tanya Peckmann: Forensic Anthropologist - YouTube