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the instructions for crocheted tablecloths
���� #122 - Filet Crochet pour Point de Croix 2 - Mongia
the cross stitch pattern is in green and white
���� #84 - ��������� (�����) - Olgakam
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a man on a skateboard in the center
���� #35 - LH 836 - Summerville
a cross stitch pattern with flowers on it
���� #197 - ��������� (�����) 3 - Olgakam
the crochet stitch pattern is shown in two different colors, one blue and one white
Узоры крючком | OK.RU
a cross stitch pattern with an arrow in the middle and stars at the bottom, on a white background
Angel - Free Cross Stitch Patterns
an old book with some type of pattern on the page and it's cover
Винтажное вязание крючком. Много идей со схемами