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a man and woman standing next to each other in front of an amusement park with hot air balloons
Čo det'om k št'astiu treba
four children are dancing together with the words hopsa tam, hopsa sem
Priatel' moj, pod' tancovat'
a girl in a pink dress with green leaves on her head and the words tancuime now tanc
Tancujeme nový tanec
a woman holding up a remote control in front of two children sitting at a table
Dúhalka - Farby, viac Dúhalky nájdeš na TV Jojko
children are standing in the middle of a field with words that read patris detom
PATRIS deťom - Škôlkarská rodina
sheet music with children's faces and musical notes in the bottom right hand corner
sheet music with words written in spanish and english
the sheet music is written in several languages