Barbora Olekšáková

Barbora Olekšáková

Viac nápadov od Barbora

This one is one of my favourite... Circle Pendant by K. Hernandez

Eva Thissen.. favorite clay artist

Créations Airelle en polymère Boucles d'oreilles:

Beads from polymer clay using eyelets. - Polymer Clay for Beginners. Tutorial - Kalinkapolinka

Red polymer clay necklace by *fairy-cakes on deviantART

Beads ornament. - Polymer Clay for Beginners. Master classes on sculpting. - Workshops - Kalinkapolinka

Handmade Buttons by Elsita

Мастер-классы по лепке из полимерной глины. Подборка из интернета. - Обзоры для вдохновения. - Мастер-классы - Kalinkapolinka

polymerclayfimo: Изделия - комплект "Pistachio, vanilla and chocolate".