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two heart shaped utensils are shown in black and white, one with the word love on it
colorful paper bags with hearts on them are hanging from the wall in front of a blue background
a group of children playing with toys on the floor in front of their teacher's desks
16 Atividades Lúdicas Para Ensinar As Cores - Educação Infantil - Aluno 3BA
carrots are displayed in wooden crates on a table with green and white paper grass
Фото 927069016579 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Копилка педагога в ОК
the wall is decorated with children's artwork and recycling bins for trash cans
two paper hearts hanging from the ceiling with ribbons attached to it's sides, one red and one white
One Good Thing by Jillee: Making Homemaking Simple and Enjoyable
a piece of art made out of different colored beads and materials on top of carpet
Массажный коврик для детей
a door decorated with christmas decorations and hanging ornaments
Decoração de Natal - Como não pensei nisso antes? 43 - Solteiras Noivas Casadas
a wooden table topped with lots of snowman themed paper cut out on top of it
Snowman and Penguin Fun (Freebie)
A kindergarten blog that will share what goes on in our classroom.