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a drawing of a dog wearing a red and white striped dress with an eye on it's head
an elephant and its baby are depicted in this painting
This Warrior I Elephant ($51) would be a welcome addition to any sacred space or girlie bedroom wall.
a book cover with an image of a man's head and the words, tides vac - sang
Illustrated Sheet Music Covers by Einar Nerman - 50 Watts
an advertisement for inga with a woman's face in the center and red background
Illustrated Sheet Music Cover by Einar Nerman (1888-1983), 1922, Inga. (Swedish illustrator)
an image of a boy riding on the back of a moose
an old fashioned postcard with a rooster on it's back and the words glad pass
Einar Nerman Artists, Art Deco, Winter, Book And Magazine, Inredning
Einar Nerman
an old book with some type of writing on the page and two fish in it
Initial letter D
Ideas, Hand Drawn, Sketches, Pencil Art, Brave, Humanoid Sketch, Pen, Print
an embroidered wall hanging with a house and trees on it
an animal that is laying down on the ground with its head in the air and it's tail sticking out
Something Curated on Instagram: "Nagasawa Rosetsu, ‘Slug’, Edo period (18th century), Japan"
a painting of a goat with long horns
Sophie Wake I
the art room plant: Sophie Wake I
a painting of a chicken with black and white stripes
Miroco Machiko II
the art room plant: Miroco Machiko II