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an old cottage with pink flowers growing on it's roof and window sill
Clematis House, Shot in Little Langdale in the lake district national park, photo by Jason Connolly.
some purple and white flowers are growing in the dirt
Photo of the bloom of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Downtown Man') posted by ARUBA1334 -
TB Iris 'Downtown Man' (Blyth, 2008)
the flowers are blooming very nicely in the garden
Love .... Irises
Iris beauties
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Iris 'Wensleydale' (TB)
Iris 'Wensleydale'
some pink and orange flowers are growing in the dirt
TB Iris 'Abiding Love'
a blue and white flower with purple flowers in the background
Siberian Iris Shaker's Prayer
~Siberian Iris Shaker's Prayer
three red berries are attached to the stems of a plant with wire netting on them
Chinese Lantern Plant
purple flowers are hanging from a branch
two red flowers that are next to each other on a plant with green leaves in the background
Red corn poppies
some very pretty flowers by the side of a brick wall and plants in front of it
Beautiful, Brilliant,Blissful Bulbs
two pink flowers are in the foreground, and another flower is in the background
swim above red
Beautiful Poppies
some red flowers are in the middle of an open field with water droplets on them
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