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an old book with many different types of items on it, including scissors and other things
10th century Birka, Sweden. Grave 644 - riding equipment and more.
a woman is sitting at a table making something out of wood and clay with other items around her
a wooden comb sitting on top of a table next to oranges and other items
Viking Birka Bone Comb | Etsy
someone is stitching something on the back of a pair of jeans that they are holding in their hands
Clothing in the Viking Age
a close up of a brown hat on a white tablecloth with an interesting design
Reconstruction of a hat found in Birka. Made of light brown wool in six wedges…
Wood, Leather Craft, Wooden Purse, Taschen, Bag Handle, Wool Bags, Aged Clothing, Aged Jewelry
Reflections on "Birka" and "Hedeby" Bags