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an old house with ivy growing on it
Gothic House
Gothic House, Dalry Cemetery, Edinburgh
an old victorian style house is shown in this image
Gothic house! I'd love to live here, imagine having a Halloween party here...
an old victorian style house with purple trim
Victorian Houses
dryingthebones: If you need me, I will be living in this house: knitting, embroidering, cross stitching and chasing my many, many cats about the house. Please feel free to drop by, we will have tea, shortbread cookies and we can chase cats.
an old house with a clock tower on the top of it's steeple
Fantastic carpenter gothic Victorian, the Lockwood Estate in Malvern, PA. The stone is gorgeous, the architectural detail striking, and the center tower amazing; it looks like a church steeple.
an old victorian style house in the fall
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I love gothic victorian architecture. The round front porch is a pleasing shape.