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WHY. WOULD. YOU. POST. SOMETHING. LIKE. THAT?! (Can you hear me crying) (Can you see the tears)

WHY. WOULD. YOU. POST. SOMETHING. LIKE. THAT?! (Can you hear me crying) (Can you see the tears)

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Ninth Doctor: Poster by jacqui-kate on DeviantArt

"Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!" Doctor Who poster, depicting quotes and characters from the Ninth Doctor's reign. I was very sad to see Eccl... Ninth Doctor: Poster

9 (GIF)

Nine and Rose.


Grisel. 26. ENTJ. Gryffindor. Multi-fandom blog. Not spoiler free.NSFW, ocassionaly.

Ninth Doctor Head Canon - This theory about Nine and Rose does make sense. I always wondered how he had done all those things when he was clearly freshly regenerated when he met Rose. Silly me for still seeing time as linear instead of a ball of timey-wimey stuff.


Ninth Doctor Headcanon gallifreyburning: “ gallifreyfieldsforever: “ the-girl-who-was-sherlocked: “ When the Ninth Doctor first asked Rose to travel through time with him and refused, the Doctor...

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Who are you?

irememberandiloveyou: “doctor who meme→ six otps [3/6] Rose/Nine I could save the world but lose you. ”

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Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor

The Heart is a complicated and capricious organ

~~Amanda~~ Mostly David Tennant obsessing, Doctor x Rose, Doctor Who (RTD-era), Billie Piper, Catherine Tate. I also like Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, New Girl, The Walking Dead, BtVS,The Flash, OUAT, Arrow etc. Currently Watching: Rewatching BtVS Currently Reading: Ten/Rose. Tentoo/Rose FF mostly DT Network My tracked tag: weepingwhogirl

how can you not love the 9th doctor when he's just like us?


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they are the best at hugging.
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‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Reunite at Louisville Comic Con | BBC America

Welcome to your Doctor Who's Day roundup: a week's worth of Whovian bricolage in one handy blog post. What better place to start this...

9.  My first Doctor.  The one who started it all for me.
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a battlefield of temptation

allison, late 20s, canadian

9th Doctor :3 click for gif

9th Doctor :3 click for gif

And that's why he knows being different shouldn't make you feel less important or worthy than anyone else
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19 times Doctor Who reminded us it's OK to be different

If there's anyone who knows what it's like to feel alone in the universe it's The Doctor