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This Kid-Friendly Explanation Of Death Will Change How You Think About The World

How to Teach Your Kids About Death - From the Mouths of Moms at

10 Tips for Teaching Kids about Death - From the Mouths of Moms -

Good resource: Children and Death [From the Mouths of Moms] from B-Inspired Mama

Dealing with death and grief can be difficult and awkward.  You want to be there for the people you love, but it can be a challenge to know how to act.  If you've ever struggled to know what to say to someone who is dealing with loss, this is one post you will not want to miss!

5 Ways to Comfort Someone Who is Grieving

Missing Mommy (Grief) "With warmth, reassurance, and empathy, Missing Mommy addresses the loss of a parent from a child's point of view. This touching story explores the many emotions a  bereaved child may experience, from anger and guilt to sadness and bewilderment. Ultimately, Missing Mommy focuses on the positive - the recognition that the child is not alone but is still part of a living, supportive family."

Missing Mommy : A Book about Bereavement, by Rebecca Cobb. (Henry Holt, Daddy comforts and reassures a very young boy after Mommy dies.

The "new" stages of grief (for dealing with an extended process of death rather than a sudden, unexpected death)

Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Coping with a Loved One's Terminal Illness