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Create a Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board for your toddler to explore could make this a matching sensory activity. Can be used for toddler who have sensory issues and also a way for parents to help interact with the their children. Toddler Play, Baby Play, Toddler Busy Board, Diy Busy Board, Busy Board Baby, Infant Play, Infant Art, Toddler Schedule, Infant Activities

Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board

I knew that I wanted to do a fun project involving the tops from baby wipes containers ever since I saw this post from I Can Teach My Child on Pinterest. I started saving wipes lids and was inspir…

Tabla de Actividades (Busy boards), Montessori With these boards we can work many aspects such as fine motor, manual eye coordination, laterality, etc. Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, 7 Month Old Baby Activities, Sensory Toys, Sensory Boards, Sensory Wall, Sensory Board For Babies, Busy Boards For Toddlers


Natalie is the definition of busy these days. And I'm pretty positive she started getting bored of all of her toys about 3 months ago. I try to entertain her, but I'm not always great at finding things to do (and sometimes I just want to sit and let her play). So I attempted to make a busy board/activity board/discovery board/whatever you want to call it. Everything we didn't already have came from the Dollar Tree or Walmart. (Not all of this stuff is necessarily ''baby friendly'' but I…

FUN Kids DIY Activities & Crafts to do Indoors at Home Busy Board for Boys. Not construction themed!Busy Board for Boys. Not construction themed! Busy Boards For Toddlers, Board For Kids, Diy For Kids, Cool Kids, Crafts For Kids, Family Crafts, Toddler Busy Board, Diy Toys For Toddlers, Busy Board Baby

Pinterest Feature Friday |

Oh My Stars… it’s the 100th Pinterest Party! YAY! Thanks for joining me, Bev and Michele each week for some Pinspiration. So for our 100th Pinterest Party, I am happy to feature one of my favorite pinners… Heidi from Happiness is Homemade. Heidi has 154 Boards and 3,179 Pins. You know what I’m gonna say… ... Read More about Pinterest Feature Friday

five senses, science 5 senses, teaching the five senses, 5 senses lessons, five senses activities 5 Senses Activities, Science Activities, Preschool Activities, 5 Senses Preschool, Science Area, Science Writing, Nursery Activities, Infant Learning Activities, Preschool Body Theme

It Feels...

This is another 5-senses activity. We did 10 different materials, ranging from feathers to sandpaper and everything in between. We had the kids feel each piece of material and then had them glue them onto the hands. We asked the kids to describe the material and what if felt like to them. I LOVE the answers that we got from some of the kids. My own little girl, had some that made me crack up. The sandpaper felt like Poppa's face, the fake leather felt like a couch and one of them felt like…

Three different DIY sensory boards along with ideas for how to include older siblings from Fun at Home with Kids - Very Montessori! Baby Sensory Board, Sensory Wall, Sensory Boards, Diy Sensory Toys For Babies, Baby Sensory Play, Freetime Activities, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, Toddler Fun

DIY Sensory Boards for Babies and Toddlers

I love thinking of creative toys for kids. My kids always seem to love the ...

DIY Texture board storage box DIY Sensory Cards - - Pinned by – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Preschool Activities, Texture Board, Sensory Boxes, Diy Sensory Board, Sensory Wall, Preschool Science, Science Ideas

DIY Texture board storage box

This week’s Unplug your Kids challenge was Rough. We had made texture boards before, but they were hard to store. I decided now was a good time to resize them to fit into a shoe box. I picke…

Sensory boards made out of dollar store cutting boards and common objects from the craft cupboard and around the house here is sand paper - kitchen scrubbies - car wash mitts - place mats - terrycloth toweling - fun fur etc. Sensory Boards, Sensory Table, Sensory Bins, Sensory Activities, Sensory Play, Learning Activities, Preschool Activities, Baby Sensory, Texture Board

Texture boards

I created these sensory boards out of dollar store cutting boards and common objects from the craft cupboard and around the house. There is sand paper - kitchen scrubbies - car wash mits - placemats - terrycloth towelling - fun fur etc. The edging is made from colourful shoelaces and each item is glued down with tacky glue - I find it stronger than hot glue - it just had to dry for a couple of days before use. The children really seem to enjoy them! We shared this Idea here! :)

Last minute homemade gift: a DIY latch board for kids – DIY: do it yourself – Busy Board Busy Boards For Toddlers, Board For Kids, Diy For Kids, Diy Toys For Toddlers, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, Science Activities, Diy Busy Board, Busy Board Baby

Last Minute Homemade Present: A DIY Latch Board For Kids | Young House Love

Last Minute Homemade Present: A DIY Latch Board For Kids | Young House Love

Pre-school Language Edition from Speech Lady Liz. Take different fabrics, products, household items and make a sensory for each season-winter-use parts of gloves, socks, etc. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources love this idea! Sensory Rooms, Sensory Bins, Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Sensory Play, Activities For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Preschool Ideas, Infant Sensory

Stalker Wednesday

I'm up late because I can't turn my computer off. Do you ever get like that? I am lost in a world of pretty things and my brain can not take it all in fast enough. Don't you just love finding amazingly beautiful things? Or how about really cool blogs?! Like these ones... The Letter 4. If I had one word to describe this blog. FUN. Check out some of their stuff... A free printable here. Love this colorful and creative chandelier! Find the tutorial at here. Wooden bracelet with fabric flowers…

Creative activity center for little ones * developing fine motor skills ~ via: A. Creative activity center for little ones * developing fine motor skills ~ via: Aktivitetstavla by proteamundi Projects For Kids, Diy For Kids, Cool Kids, Kids Crafts, Wood Projects, Motor Activities, Toddler Activities, Activity Board, Busy Board

25 Handmade Gifts for Toddlers (or Preschoolers)

If you'd like to give a more personal, meaningful, special gift to your toddler or preschooler, this list of handmade gifts for toddlers has the answer!

Homemade Busy Board / Activity Board: Great for developing toddlers' small motor. Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Learning Activities, Activities For Kids, Toddler Play, Baby Play, Latch Board, Busy Boards For Toddlers, Toddler Busy Board

Playing Inside

With the warmer temperatures the past few days, it's really mucky out. The snow is too wet to play or sled in and the streets are slick. It's damp and cold so it's not really nice for playing outside. We signed up for lots of morning activities during the week to keep us busy on days like these, so we only have to find things to do at home in the afternoons. MiniM.E. doesn't seem to mind playing inside- after all, she has all sorts of fun new toys from Christmas like a shopping cart and a…

Create seamless storage with door fronts that look like decorative panels. A push latch opens these panels to reveal space on the end of the island. *Use on back side of island to access open storage space* Kitchen Island Storage, Kitchen Redo, Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Ideas, Kitchen Islands, Ivory Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Board

Kitchen Island Storage Ideas

Maximize your kitchen island with these sneaky ways to carve out more storage and space.

A magnetic board could be a great sensory activities for kids and they might be able to make some magnets out of different materials Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, Micro Creche, Diy For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Toddler Activity Board, Kids Magnets, Busy Board

Activity Board

Matt made Charlie a magnet board- kinda going for something between this and this Matt glued a sheet of galvanized sheet metal he picked up at home depot in the HVAC aisle (about $9) and glued it down to a piece of plywood framed it in I took puzzles that Charlie never plays with and made magnets out of them These magnets are awesome and very strong, but they are dirty and when we played with them on the fridge, they left black marks. And my kid put them in him mouth and got black stuff on…

Locks and latches activity board - I bet we could make something like this-right up Madison's alley.time for her great grandpa To make Madison a present! Dementia Activities, Montessori Activities, Motor Activities, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, Montessori Baby, Diy Sensory Board, Latch Board, Busy Boards For Toddlers

Montessori Materials Locks & Latches Activity Board

This is a free standing, large board with a wide variety of common, day-to-day activities that require fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. LEARNING GOALS: Develops hand and finger muscle strength and refines manual dexterity skills.

DIY Lock, Hinge & Latch Board: An easy-to-make super fun gift for any toddler. Baby Sensory, Sensory Activities, Infant Activities, Activities For Kids, Sensory Wall, Toddler Fun, Toddler Toys, Kids Toys, Diy Lock

DIY Lock and Hinge Board for Toddlers

I'm not sure if it's a boy thing or just a toddler thing, but Mac is obsessed with locks, hinges, latches, handles, etc. He can play with the gate in the back yard for 30 minutes (in toddler world, that's like HOURS). Open the gate, shut the gate, lock the gate, unlock the gate, open the gate, shut the gate, lock the gate... Gah! You get the idea. So, when I saw this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board, I thought it was awesome! All the little doors open and close with all kinds of cool…