Love the awesome storefront and the fabulous white bicycles but what is really awesome is the metal cut-out sofa that hangs near the door -

This floor plan is pretty awesome, I wouldn't need any other levels, you could take the stairs out and put my craft from there!


Frederique and Yannic are Montreal-based designer-woodworkers currently working on a line of furniture. But while that's on the boil, the pair have released the Les Classiques wooden handlebars line, borne of their love of cycling.

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Cruiser Bike Men's 26 Huffy Blue Fat Tire Beach and City Comfort Bicycle

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Carson Leh has been producing some beautifully upholstered saddles lately. We first saw his work on his Deluxe he

The Flying Gentleman in matte granite, with an optional front child seat and upgraded Shimano rollerbrakes

Wooden bicycle wheel by Dutch industrial designer Jan Gunneweg

white Fast Boy Cycles- I've wanted a bike from him for years!

just a touch of pink never hurts