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an empty swimming pool with blue water and plants in the foreground, surrounded by concrete pavers
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a small pool in the middle of a patio with a waterfall coming out of it
It's a spa... It's a pool... it's a "spool"!
...for people with small backyards and still want a pool/spa = spool :-)
a small pool with pillows on it and a potted plant in the corner next to it
11 Must-See Pools For Small Yards | Buds Pools
small pools for small backyards with text overlay that reads, 12 small pools for small backyards
These Small Backyard Pools Show How to Make a Splash in the Tiniest Spaces
a backyard with a swimming pool surrounded by greenery
2020’s Top 10 Small Inground Pool Ideas
a woman sitting on the edge of a pool next to a stone wall and wooden deck
19 Swimming Pool Ideas For A Small Backyard
a man sitting on a bench in the middle of a garden
Gallery of Function Walls / Lookofsky Architecture - 18
an above ground swimming pool with decking and patio furniture in the back yard area
Semi-In Ground Pools, Partial In Ground, Hybrid Pool Nashville, Clarksville