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pots and pans are hanging on the rack
21 Thrifty DIY Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Life Clutter-Free
Shower curtain rod and shower curtain hooks in a cabinet to keep pots and pans organized!! (@ diy home sweet home)
the beginner's guide to distressing with annie sloan chalk paint
The Beginner’s Guide to Distressing with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
The Beginner's Guide to Distressing with Annie Sloan | It turns out that distressing with Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint and Wax by Annie Sloan doesn't have to be stressful at all! Here's a detailed tutorial for how to age and distress a piece of furniture to give it that time-worn look, rich with character. This guide is your one stop shop for inspiration; so what are you waiting for? This paint is SO easy to work with.
someone cutting up a watermelon with a knife
Creative Baby Carriage Shower Theme Ideas
How To Carve A Watermelon Baby Carriage
a large green watermelon sitting on top of a metal pan with the words carriage handle opening of garage
How to Make a Watermelon Baby Carriage: A Step-by-Step Guide
two pictures of watermelon, oranges and grapes with the words baby shower fruit tray
Pinterest Inspired Baby Shower
Baby carriage fruit display... super cute idea for a baby shower!
the instructions for making watermelon pizzas are shown in three different pictures, one is
Fruit Baby Shower DIY
a teddy bear sitting inside of a watermelon bowl filled with grapes and strawberries
This is the baby shower fruit baby bassinet I made for a friend :)
three different baby bibs with the words written on them and two pictures of their diapers
The Best Baby Shower Ideas At Home - The WHOot
Baby Shower Personalised Diapers
a watermelon bowl filled with fruit and a baby pacifier in it's mouth
Bow Tie Baby Shower
Baby Shower on
a fruit platter with a teddy bear in the center and blue ribbon around it
The Best Baby Shower Ideas At Home - The WHOot
Watermelon Baby Shower
some baby items are sitting on a table next to scissors and hair clips, with other toys in the background
Fill circles of tulle with the candy of your choice, then tie them closed with small ribbons for party favors.