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a drawing of a deer with antlers and flowers on it's back side
Free Leathercraft Patterns | Browse 150+ Free Downloadable Patterns
Free Leathercraft Patterns – Elktracks Studio
the leather guy usage guide is shown in black and white, with red lettering on it
Leather 101: What Leather Should I Use? | The Leather Guy
Here's a quick overview of some of the most common uses for some of our more popular leathers. Use this as jumping off point when trying to decide what leather to use for your project! #leathercraft #diyleather #howtoleather #leathergoods #leatherearrings #leatherjewelry #customkicks
two leather holsters sitting next to each other
Made in USA Premium Leather Holsters, Belts & Accessories
how to make leather rings with pictures and instructions for making leather bracelets or ring holders
How to Make Leather Rings
How to make leather ring patterns and designs pretty much start to finish. A fun leather craft project for all leather crafters.
the hat has flowers on it and is next to another photo with an image of a cowboy's hat
Cowhide Flowers
Turquoise, Painting Leather, Nice Leather, Custom Strap, Distressed, Pasture
Fringe Hill Pasture Bag
Leather Craft, Bijoux, Diy Leather Earrings, Leather Jewelry Diy, Leather Earrings, Jewelry Making Tools, Leather Jewelry, Leather Diy
How To Make Leather Earrings With Charms