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two men standing in front of a house with an open window and shutters on the side
Go Solar With These 4 Simple Homesteading Ideas
Love this! You can go solar on your homestead with these four super simple projects!
Кашпо из бетона
Как-то был запрос, как сделать большое бетонное кашпо. Хочу представить вам один из вариантов изготовления ☝️ #кашпо #lexie404k #шедеврально
two black plastic trays with silver foil on them
Concrete molds DIY Edge Stone Log Edging Border Garden Cement Curbs Garden Patio Sold 2pcs (BR02-Sm)
PRICES MAY VARY. SALE 2 PIESES (FOTO 2) MULTIPLE OF DECORATIVE BORDER EDGING CONCRETE MOLDS 18.50 INCHES LONG, 4.33 INCHES TALL , 5.12 INCHES THICK Molds are made of ABS plastic thickness 1,9-2 mm. Depending on the geometry of the product wall thickness can form less than the above dimensions. With these molds you can make garden borders. Such borders will be a beautiful decoration of your garden or yard Mold is reusable SALE 2 PIESES MULTIPLE OF DECORATIVE BORDER EDGING CONCRETE MOLDS 18.50 INC
there are many gray balls with holes in the middle and one has a red dot on it
Balloons As Sphere Molds
Page 2 of 3 - Balloons As Sphere Molds - posted in Studio Operations and Making Work: as long as we are talking balloons... once i made some pieces by filling balloons with water, tied them, draped slabs around them, then put the whole combo into a net bag, the kind that onions or old style sausages come in..thin plastic netting. i tied off the netting with some cord and suspended the clay/water balloon/netted forms from a low hanging tree limb (i was working outside) then i paddled them t...